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New Here?

What are the services like?

All services begin with worship—a time to praise God and prepare your heart to receive His word. Our style of worship is contemporary and uplifting, focusing on the greatness of God. Following worship, we open our Bibles and focus on the timeless truths of God’s word and its relevancy to our lives. Calvary Castle Rock engages in expository teaching with the occasional topical study.

Do you have a children’s ministry?

Yes. We have childcare and Sunday School for up to fifth grade during every service. For mothers and their nursing babies, we have a room with a full view of the service, complete with sound. We also have a youth room located upstairs for Junior and Senior High. Our policy for volunteers serving in these ministries requires that they have attended services for 6 months, complete discipleship training, and undergo a background check.

How should I dress for service?

Dress in a way that feels comfortable. Casual is the norm here; you are not required to wear formal attire. However, if you would prefer to dress up, feel free to do so.

Will I be singled out during service?

No, we do not ask newcomers to stand up during service, and you will not be required to fill out any forms. Any questions you have can be answered at the Welcome Center located in the foyer.

Will I be pressured into giving?

No. There is no “passing of the plate” during service. Instead, we believe that God leads and convicts believers to give, so we have agape boxes—placed where you can discretely drop any donations—located in the back of the sanctuary. During service, tithing is only discussed as we come across it in God’s word. If God puts it on your heart to give, it is truly between you and the Lord.