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Should Christians Care about Public Policy?

In Matthew 5:13-16 Jesus calls on his disciples to be “salt” and “light” in the world. What he means is that Christians are called to bring out the flavors and colors of God right here in our homes, universities, businesses and even in our politics.

God has given Christians in democratic countries, like America, a unique way to “salt” their world that many though out time and across the world have not enjoyed. We have been granted the freedom to choose leaders and influence policy that will advance righteousness or unrighteousness.

True – God isn’t a Republican or a Democrat.

True – God will be in control no matter what.

True – God has ordained the outcome for every election.

But God has also ordained the means to achieve that outcome – you and I exercising our duty and responsibility to vote and influence our leaders.

Those who say Christians should not try to impose their morality on the populace may want to consider the counsel of the late Chuck Colson:

“The popular notion that ‘you can’t legislate morality’ is a myth. Morality is legislated every day from the vantage point of one value system being chosen over another. The question is not whether we will legislate morality, but whose morality gets legislated.”

Christians, when rightly informed and motivated, change the character of political debate. They bring the moral standards of God’s kingdom into the civic realm and thereby become agents of His common grace — of His provision for those who believe as well as those who don’t and bring about the benefits of His plan to all.

To make a difference:

– Get Informed
Read the information on bills on this page and reach out if more information is needed

 – Pray 
For God to change hearts and to guide you on how he would have you be involved

– Act
Share the information with others and call the legislator


Legislation of Interest (will be updated each week) –
Below is the latest legislation and who you can contact about it.  If you have thoughts on the bills either positive or negative, please be sure to call the legislator listed below.  It is good to be strong about a position, but please remember to be kind and respectful.  Emails get lost in the many that they receive and the state legislators get few phone calls so they have big impact.


Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education
HB19-1032 – updated 4/1/2019
Link to Bill –


Summary from the Bill
“The bill clarifies content requirements for public schools that offer comprehensive human sexuality education and prohibits instruction from explicitly or implicitly teaching or endorsing religious ideology or sectarian tenets or doctrines, using shame-based or stigmatizing language or instructional tools, employing gender norms or gender stereotypes, or excluding the relational or sexual experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals. ”

A few points to consider –

  • Promotes youth understanding of all types of sexual orientations as normal.
  • Includes explicit information about the use of abortifacients, condoms, and other barrier methods.
  • Any instruction must not employ gender norms or gender stereotypes. Is it possible to teach biblical sexuality without talking in terms of male and female?
  • When talking about healthy relationships, LGBTQ relationships must have equal footing with heterosexual relationships. All experiences must be shared equally
  • Opt-out is now required instead of having to opt-in.
  • Affects both public and charter schools.

Despite overwhelming opposition to the bill (over 300 people testified to the bill over 8 hours), the committee passed the bill 7-4 along party lines.



The bill was heard by the Senate committee and passed on to Senate Appropriations.  The bill will likely be heard by the Appropriations Committee this week and then be heard by the Senate for a second reading (last chance to amend the bill).

Please call (303-866-4884) or email ( bill sponsor Senator Don Coram and ask him to remove his support from this overreaching bill.



Prohibit Conversion Therapy for A Minor

HB19-1129 – Updated 4/5/2019

Link to bill –



The bill prohibits a licensed physician specializing in psychiatry or a licensed, certified, or registered mental health care provider from engaging in conversion therapy with a patient under 18 years of age. A licensee who engages in these practices is subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate licensing board. The bill also makes the advertising or practice of conversion therapy by a physician or mental health care provider a deceptive trade practice under the “Colorado Consumer Protection Act”. “Conversion therapy” means efforts to change an individual’s sexual orientation, including efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attraction or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.

Basically, parents would only be able to send their child who is expressing homosexual behavior or gender dysphoria to a therapist that will affirm those behaviors. Christian therapists would not be able to speak the truth of what God says about sexuality or gender. This bill infringes on the following unalienable rights: parental rights and right of conscience.  This is a dangerous slippery slope and must be stopped! Please contact the members below to let them know you oppose this policy



Was passed into law on Friday the 5th and will go to the Governor to be signed.  We will need to watch closely to see how this affects churches speaking on the subject and also see if the Legislature expands on the reach of this bill next year.


Youth Mental Health Education And Suicide Prevention
Link to bill –


The bill allows a minor 12 years of age or older to seek and obtain psychotherapy services with or without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian.



The bill is currently in the House Appropriations before going to the House floor for a second reading.


Find my legislators –